mrs bundle mystery series, a mystery series for all ages set in vermont

"I love Allison Cesario Paton's books---they are perfect rainy day, curl up, steep your pot of tea and have fun books!!! Mrs. Bundle is adorable and the storylines will keep you amused!" Goodreads Fan                 "My husband bought all five mysteries for our anniversary and they are awesome!"  R. Willman           

MRS. BUNDLE'S MAINE VACATION makes #4 in Maine Sunday Telegram's "Top 10 Bestsellers List!" 

An adult "COZY" mystery series  the whole family can enjoy...

"Love, love, love the MRS BUNDLE MYSTERY SERIES! Mrs. Bundle is Nancy Drew for grown-ups with a little Miss Marple 

and dash of Amelia Peabody." M. Kinnett    "You mean you haven't visited North Pillson Corners yet? What are you waiting for?" R. Lemire Smile

The Author and Watercolorist
Allison Cesario Paton

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 THE LATEST MRS BUNDLE MYSTERY: MRS BUNDLE'S FOUR SEASONS, Vol. I: The Secret at Mount Holly Mansion (#6 in the series) For an autographed copy, click on the link below: 

MRS BUNDLE'S FOUR SEASONS, Vol. I: The Secret at Mount Holly Mansion

"Wiped out from her last adventure, Mrs. Bundle sorely needs a getaway far away from the hustle, bustle, and hassle in North Pillson Corners. Up the road a piece, rest & relaxation rule at the idyllic Mount Holly Mansion Inn. Its unique innkeepers, the Pettyfers, offer not only lots of carefree distraction but heaps of scrumptious delicacies-all at the drop of a magical hat. But watch out, kindred spirits, wintering in the Vermont williwags is dicey and yes, what's too good to be true, is. Amidst the tranquil, remote ambiance looms a long-ago toxic secret that Mrs. Bundle (and her savvy protégées, Angie and Erin) must try to resolve. Through it all, winter's wrath rains down. However, everybody knows our determined Mrs. Bundle will give this new challenge her best shot and then some!"

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    Dear Bundle Fans,
     Your emails and postings on the MRS BUNDLE MYSTERY SERIES Facebook Fan Page are truly "fan-tastical,"  and reinforce that we are all kindred spirits in our love for the North Pillson Corners way of life.  Sharing our passion for family-oriented books (with a bit of naughtiness to make it fun), stories that celebrate humor, nature, strong women and honorable men, intrigue in the strangest places, good old-fashioned recipes, and the young at heart and spirit--that's what Mrs. Bundle's beloved "little world" is all about. Thank you for being such loyal fans, for enjoying the wacky things that occur throughout Pillsonville, Vermont, and for joining in on the roller coaster ride of Mrs. Bundle's escapades and explorations, however impetuous they might be!
           Kindly, Author Allison Cesario Paton   (P.S. And...don't miss my original Watercolor Series) Click the link below~Smile

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The Case of the Singing Swans


A Case of Artful Arson




    "I just finished Mrs. Bundle's Maine Vacation!  It was so great! and the timing was so perfect - especially because I bought the book the day that my college friends and I took the ferry to Peaks Island!! I love Mrs. Bundle and Angie and Cracker! Thanks so much for sharing the adventures of these wonderful people with all of us." Carol C. 

     Finished your books a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed them.  Reminded me of the 1st. Ladies Detective Agency series which I love.  Your characters are great and will give us years of adventure.” P. Corey    
  “I absolutely loved Mrs. Bundle!!!!!!   I told my mom how good it was and now she is going to read it!!!!!!!!! How should I go about getting the next Mrs. Bundle??????    K. Gleason, CT

     "Mrs. Bundle is a joy and a surprise!"  Lois Reed
     "Mrs. Bundle arrived this weekend....thank you...i have started it, but am very busy in the barn right now...besides...i want to "savor" it....i know we will have lots of dreary, cold days ahead that will be perfect for reading instead of doing the outside chores that need to be done." J. Laggis, East Hardwick, VT
      “We have finished both books and loved them!” The Tuttle Family
     I have finished the first Mrs. B book, and thoroughly enjoyed it---plan to start the second this evening. They make excellent, cozy-in-bed reading.” S. Reeves


(The first book in the series) MRS. BUNDLE TAKES A HIKE: The Case of the Singing Swans. Mrs. Bundle was looking for more excitement in “her little world” of North Pillson Corners, Vermont.  Before she can say “Fantastical!”, her fledgling B and C Detective Agency becomes entangled in two mysteries that mix family, trust, power, and betrayal into a very hazardous cocktail.  Little knowing what danger she faces, she puts her deductive skills to the test (with the help of her teenage neighbor, Angie Andersen, and her favorite sidekick, Cracker) and lets her thirst for Adventure lead her to more intrigue and risk than she ever bargained for.   315 pages. 2006  $14.95 PLUS USA SHIPPING AND HANDLING

  "Wonderful and quite charming first novel in a series of 3. If Nancy Drew has a grandmother, I'm quite sure she must be Mrs. Bundle. Innocent and full of detail, this is a delicious read -- curl up with a pot of tea and plate of scones and join Mrs. Bundle and her delightful friends." Goodreads review 



(The second book in the series) MRS. BUNDLE'S DOG DAYS OF SUMMER: A Case of Artful Arson.  In this second novel in the Mrs. Bundle Mystery Series, it appears that Detective Lettie Bundle may have bitten off much more than she can chew! With the historic Pillson Public Library's problems at crisis level and while she is in the midst of planning Pillson's most monumental fundraising event ever, Mrs. Bundle is thrown into a murder scene "feet first."  Add into the mix the hottest summer in Vermont on record, a sad misfit who desperately needs her help, and a most unusual discovery---all requiring all of her time and resources.  With every challenge taking on a life of its own, it's up to Mrs. Bundle, Cracker, and Angie to solve it all.  Did we mention deadly arson, too....? 635 pages (it's a doozy!) 2007

   "I loved 'Dog Days of Summer'; Mrs. Bundle is like Miss Marple only she's stateside. She is sweet, feisty, loving, and shrewd. What I know is New England women and she's right on target for me as the best kind. You had me with the first walk through the field with Cracker. The dark parts are like Stephen King only they didn't scare me to death. I really loved it!" B. Humphrey
 Mrs. Bundle's Dog Days of Summer: A Case of Artful Arson $19.99 plus $5 shipping and handling, click on this link:

(The third book in the series) MRS. BUNDLE'S MAINE VACATION: Subterfuge at the Seashore: In this third mystery, Mrs. Bundle’s nearest and dearest friends’ lives are in quite a shambles. So, why not take a tranquil Maine vacation to Auntie Peri’s Peaks Island cottage, where all their complex issues can be sorted out? Best-laid plans run amuck as dark secrets intertwine with deception and danger. Mrs. Bundle tries to protect everyone within this magical, quirky island setting but alas, as the annual Gee Gwilliam Regatta draws near, no one will remain unscathed and the island’s mysteries leave their mark on everyone. 356 pages. 2008  $15.95  plus USA Shipping and Handling     To order, click below:

(The fourth in the series) MRS. BUNDLE'S HAIR-RAISING ADVENTURES: Peril on Skitchewaug Mountain and Other Tales of Mystery In this fourth mystery, Mrs. Bundle is back in Vermont. Beloved fictional sleuths inspire and challenge her mind and spirit: take the roller coaster ride with her and see where it leads! An elegant garden party turns ugly as locals' hearsay and innuendo target an innocent bystander...her! A gruesome affair won't be permitted to dampen the long-awaited marriage of Althea and Ian. An isolated, ominous mountaintop castle brings Mrs. Bundle to the pinnacle of danger and intrigue, and a decades-old Barre missing child case tries Mrs. Bundle's patience to the max. Betwixt all these high jinks, little Erin Corrigan solves her own first case!  249 pages, 2009  "MRS BUNDLE'S HAIR-RAISING ADVENTURES was an absolute joy to read!! Mrs. Bundle is such a well-drawn character that one feels as if she is your friend. The atmosphere---Vermont---is etched perfectly---so much so that I was shocked to see that I was still in Florida when I read it! The supporting characters...are icing on the cake--each with a clearly defined personality and humorous, snobby, gossipy, etc. Rates 5 stars---my only regret is that I could not give it 10 stars!" Goodreads Review  $14.95 each plus USA shipping and handling  To order, click below:
(the fifth in the Series) MRS BUNDLE'S MIDNIGHT MYSTERY: The Case of the Springfield Shock Jock (282 pages, 2011) $14.95 plus USA shipping and handling fees. "The Mrs. Bundle series is a wonderful read for people of all ages, and yes, that includes men, too!!" Click on the link:

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Books 3, 4, 5, and 6 in the MRS BUNDLE MYSTERY SERIES

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        "Readers...will, no doubt, be charmed by the story, Mrs. Bundle, and the rest of the small, but intriguing, cast of characters." THE COZY LIBRARY review, 2009